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The Radiological Improvement in Brain Atrophy in Syrian Children with Vitamin B12 Deficiency after Treatment

Background: The poverty, low social-economic and malnutrition, all of these effects growth and neurological development in Syrian children, especially deficiency of some nutrients from animal source such as Vitamin B12. This study aimed to measure the maximal width between Sylvian fissures and measure the maximal width of the extra ventricular subarachnoid space were made in the frontal region in brain by CT or MRI before and after three months of starting treatment with Vitamin B12 in children (age under 3 year ) have neurological symptoms and brain atrophy before treatment.

Methods: Cohort prospective study, children (n=32), between 1-1-2017 and 1-1-2018. This children (age under 3year) were admitted in our hospital and diagnosed with B12 deficiency, MRI or CT (20 MRI, 12 CT ) imaging before and after three months of starting treatment were performed. The upper limit of normal of Sylvian fissures and maximal width of the extra ventricular sub arachnoid space were made in the frontal region in children has been adopted as reported in neurologic paediatric book.

Results: Number of children with mild cerebral atrophy before treatment was 15 (46%) and SD 0.04 and 10 children with moderate cerebral atrophy (31.3%) SD 0.05, the number of children with severe brain atrophies before treatment 7 (21.9%) SD 0.13. The number of children who had normal distance between the sylvius fissures were 31; 96.9% and one child has moderate cerebral atrophy according to Sylvian fissures and no case is left with severe atrophy after treatment.

Conclusion: The cerebral atrophy following the Vitamin B12 deficiency in children because of malnutrition or breast feeding from vegetarian mother reversible completely in early stages.


Alaa Ibrahim and Sameer Baklah

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