Effects on Pain and Mobility of a New Diet Supplement in Dogs with Osteoarthritis: A Pilot Study

In this study, we have evaluated the efficacy of a new diet supplement in reducing chronic pain and improving mobility in a group of 10 dogs with Osteoarthritis (OA). OA is a common debilitating condition affecting humans and animals. Tablets containing a preparation of natural ingredients (Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich fraction, Boswellia serrata Roxb. in a Phytosome® delivery form and Cucumis melo L. extract) were administered for 30 days. Veterinary evaluations were performed and owners filled questionnaires on chronic pain (Helsinki chronic pain index- HCPI) three times during the study. The product was well tolerated and owners reported a good palatability and ease of administration. In terms of effectiveness, results of a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM) on HCPI highlighted a significant reduction of pain scores at the end of the study. Based on our observations, our new dietary supplement has beneficial effects in dogs with OA after the treatment.


Elisa Martello*, Mauro Bigliati, Donal Bisanzio, Elena Biasibetti, Franco Dosio, Daniela Pastorino, Massimo De-Nardi and Natascia Bruni

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