A Cross Sectional and Comparative Study of Tuberculosis Patients with Multi Drug Resistance Tuberculosis (MDR) Patients in Bangladesh

This study was done to asses the prevalence of MDR patients in Bangladesh. A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted among 100 tuberculosis patients with or without Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) admitted in National Institute of Diseases of Chest and Hospital (IDCH) in Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh to assess the clinical differences in patients with tuberculosis with and without MDR during 2012-2013 by interview using structured questionnaire as well as recorded data of each patient. Data was analyzed by cross tabulation using Microsoft Excel. 37% patients were newly diagnosed, 23% patients were second time affected (relapse) and 40% patients were Multi Drug Resistant. Among MDR-TB and TB patients 92% took first line oral agent and 62% took injectable agents respectively. After treatment, 58% and 40% gained weight, 33% and 43% lost weight and 10% and 17% neither gained nor lost weight of MDR-TB and TB patients respectively, 18% of MDR-TB and 52% of TB patients took folk medicines. 70% of MDR-TB and 57% of TB patients took Pyridoxine HCl and 28% of MDR-TB and 57% of TB taken Vitamins B-Complex. Diabetes was seen 15% of MDR-TB and 17% of TB patients. Cardiac problems were seen 8% of MDR-TB and 3% of TB patients. Vertigo was seen 33% of MDR-TB and 20% of TB patients. Therefore, there was found more complications in MDR-TB patients than those of first time and relapse TB patients.


Repon Kumer Saha, Dostogir Alam, Faisal Mahmud and Priyanka Roy

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